The History of Our HVAC Business in Fort Mohave, AZ

Family-owned for 4 generations and servicing the tri-state area since 1955

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Business History

River Valley Air Conditioning, Inc. is the only original 4th generation family owned business started in 1955, by Elmer A. Kramer in the tri-state area.

Upon his death in 1965, the ownership of the business fell to Elmer’s son, Donald, and his wife Anita.

River Valley Air Conditioning, Inc. is currently operated by Duane “Tiger” Kramer, the oldest grandson and his wife Kelly, that covers the tri-state area of California, Arizona, and Nevada. also working in the family business is Tiger and Kelly’s daughter Desiree and her husband Donny who is a certified technician.

River Valley Air Conditioning, Inc.’s experience and qualifications cover all aspects of Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, and Sheet Metal.

Through the years, we have built a team of professionals, capable of completing job design, load calculations, fabrication, installation, and service of all types and sizes of HVAC equipment and controls. We have completed remodels, replacement, and new construction installations on tract homes, custom homes, and all types of commercial and industrial buildings.

We at River Valley Air Conditioning, Inc. guarantee our systems because the equipment is only as good as the people who stand behind the warranty!

The Mission of River Valley Air Conditioning, Inc.​

Our goal at River Valley Air Conditioning, Inc. is to be the best provider of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning products and services. Specifically, we intend to provide the best equipment, the best warranties, the best installations, and the best service possible.

We believe we can do this and still maintain the best pricing in the industry!

Service philosophy

River Valley Air Conditioning, Inc. was established to provide a more quality focus on you, no matter what kind of customer you are. If you choose us for your service, you will get an immediate response, customer satisfaction, and flexible service options to meet your heating and cooling needs. Usually we offer same-day response time, with emergency services available.

Customer service is not a department at River Valley Air Conditioning, Inc; it is our mission and focus. We want you to feel River Valley Air Conditioning, Inc. is different from the rest because of the quality customer relationships you experience.
We are committed to offering our customers quality products along with the most complete array of services in the industry.

Most importantly, we know that our partner in this business, the customer, is best served when we listen to your needs very carefully.

Our pledge

River Valley Air Conditioning, Inc. is proud to be the total Comfort Specialist that you can count on. Your central air conditioning and heating needs, regardless of brand, are what we specialize in.

Providing you with highly trained and professional service technicians and replacement options from residential comfort systems to commercial and industrial HVAC systems.