Expert Guide on How To Fix Delayed Ignition On A Gas Furnace

Nevada is hot, but winters can get cold enough for you to switch on your furnace for extra warmth. But what if your furnace ignition sputters like a faulty engine? Why is it happening, and what can you do to fix it? 

It’s unnerving, but it’s actually quite common! However, if you don’t address it, it could lead to unnecessary damage to your system’s components. But never fear; your friendly HVAC technicians are here to help. 

So, pull up a chair (and maybe a blanket, just in case) as we dive into this handy guide on how to fix delayed ignition on your gas furnace. 

What does delayed ignition sound like? 

Hearing a loud bang or booming noise when your furnace starts up can be a startle, not to mention it’s not exactly music to your ears. When your furnace’s ignition is delayed, it can cause gas to build up, creating a delayed booming noise. 

If you notice this when starting up your system, keep an ear out and an eye open – your furnace could be signaling for help.

Is delayed ignition dangerous to you or your system? 

A delay in your furnace is inconvenient, but it could also be harmful to you and your system. 

It could damage your furnace and its components

While a chorus of rattles and pops from your furnace might seem like just another quirk, these symphonies of delay can signal danger to your HVAC system. Delayed ignition can strain your furnace beyond its design, leading to wear and tear on components much faster than anticipated. 

Ultimately, your heating system can evolve into a costly finale of repairs or replacements. 

It could become a hazard for your family 

One of the most pressing concerns with delayed ignition is its potential hazard to your household. That big bang isn’t just a startling moment but a small cry for help: it could indicate a buildup of gas that ignites all at once. 

This isn’t just a matter of comfort; it’s a safety issue. Gas buildup always risks an explosion – even a small one – that could harm your loved ones and your home. If your furnace is giving you trouble, call the experts at River Valley. With our trustworthy service, we’ll help restore your safety and peace of mind.

How to fix it and prevent it in the future

As the chill of a desert winter night settles in, the last thing you want is your trusty furnace coughing and sputtering to life like an old clunker. 

A clean furnace is a reliable one. Routine checkups and cleaning keep away those layers of clogged dust that can affect your system. By maintaining your unit, you can fix ignition issues early and ensure a robust lifespan for your furnace. 

Regular maintenance is also critical to the health of other components of your appliance, including the furnace blower, heat exchanger, ductwork, electrical panel etc. 

At River Valley Air Conditioning, we recognize the importance of maintenance but also understand that you live busy lives. Our HVAC maintenance plan offers a tailor-made solution to ensure your furnace is in proper condition when you need it most. 

Part of our maintenance and cleaning process includes:

  • Cleaning surfaces and vacuuming crevices
  • Cleaning the furnace blower 
  • Checking and replacing the filter 
  • Ensuring your pilot light and igniter are clean and working properly
  • Cleaning and checking the flame sensor 
  • Lubricating where necessary 

Scheduling checks before the temperature drops for the season means you’re investing in comfort and efficiency. Our plan is designed to nip potential problems in the bud so your home remains comfy before the onset of winter. With the expertise of our certified technicians, you never have to worry. 

What causes delayed furnace ignition? 

There are several reasons your furnace ignition is delayed. Here are some of the most common causes:


There’s a reason why fire and water are held at odds. Like trying to set a fire in the rain, a buildup of moisture in your furnace can affect its ability to ignite. It can also corrode the internal components, hindering their effectiveness. 

If you’ve got excess moisture in your furnace, your ignition will have a difficult time lighting your system. 

Dust and lint 

These sneaky culprits can also crash your furnace’s ignition party. Dust settles wherever it’s allowed, so these particles accumulate in your furnace after it’s been sitting for months, leading to a lackluster spark. 

Sulfur buildup

Gas furnaces burn natural gas, which can cause sulfur to layer over time. This buildup isn’t great for your system and can cover burners and critical components, hindering your unit from working properly. 

Electronic ignition issues 

Lastly, electronic issues could be the root cause. Sometimes, technology has a mind of its own when we need it the most. If your furnace is causing issues, have a technician check the electrical part of your system.

Need heating help? Contact the reliable technicians at River Valley. 

Residents of Nevada and Arizona understand that the desert can be deceptively chilly in the cold season, making a reliable furnace a necessity. That’s where regular maintenance with River Valley Air Conditioning, Inc. proves its worth.

With over 50 years of experience servicing our community, we aren’t just familiar with quality; we can deliver it. From furnaces to heat pumps, if you need assistance with your HVAC system, call us today. Also, ask about our maintenance program!