Why Is Your AC Unit Making A Loud Banging Noise?

At River Valley Air Conditioning, Inc., we get calls from homeowners all the time about unexpected, disruptive, loud noises coming from their AC units. If you’ve ever heard your air conditioner making noise, you may wonder, “What could possibly be causing such an uproar?” Luckily, you are not alone – we are here to assist! 

We understand how unsettling those noises can be and how they can make you question the reliability of your beloved cooling companion. But fret not! Our job is to ensure your comfort and satisfaction, so let’s find out what these mysterious sounds could mean for your AC unit and, most importantly, how we can help silence them for good. 

Remember – at River Valley Air Conditioning, we’re more than just a service; we’re your neighbors who care. So let’s work together to solve this problem!

Why is my AC making a banging noise? Key areas to check

The first step to silencing those annoying noises is identifying their origin. Here are four main areas you should check:

  1. The blower motor: Loud noises from your AC could result from a faulty blower motor. This component is in charge of circulating the air within your unit. It might make a loud or unusual sound when not working correctly.
  2. Loose or broken parts: Over time, screws can loosen, and pieces break, creating potentially alarming noises in your unit. Be sure to regularly inspect it for loose screws or broken components and take any necessary actions as soon as you notice something amiss.
  3. Ductwork: Temperature changes can cause your ductwork to expand and contract, often producing annoying sounds that cause pops in its wake.
  4. The fan: If the fan blades of your air conditioning unit have become damaged or loose, they could be striking other components and producing that loud HVAC banging noise you’re hearing.

If you need assistance identifying the source of any noises or would instead leave this task up to us, don’t hesitate to call – our company’s mission is to bring you comfort and peace of mind!

Is the AC unit making a banging noise? Check the compressor

Often referred to as the ‘heart’ of your AC system, the compressor plays a pivotal role in the cooling process. That’s why we gave it a separate section altogether. 

It compresses (as the name implies) the refrigerant gas, raising its temperature and pressure levels. Compressed gas then circulates throughout the system, drawing heat out of your home and replacing it with cool, refreshing air.

So, what happens when this component starts to malfunction? Simply put – it begins to cry out for help, leading to those loud, HVAC banging noises. Here’s how your compressor could be the culprit:

  1. Worn-out compressor: Over time, compressors become worn down. This degeneration can even lead to loud grinding or clunking noises – a signal that may need replacing.
  2. Loose parts: Like many pieces within your AC unit, the elements in your compressor may become dislodged over time. This can cause a rattle every time your AC kicks on.
  3. Compressor motor issues: Compressor motors can also create noise. If their normal functionality fails, this could give off the impression that your AC is humming or buzzing loudly.
  4. Refrigerant leaks: If your air conditioner is low on refrigerant, its compressor could overheat and create a thermal overload condition, producing loud noises.

Maintenance matters: Take care of your unit 

Routine maintenance of your AC is vital in avoiding future issues, and here’s why:

Cleanliness boosts efficiency

An AC unit is an intricate system where each part must work in unison. Dirt, dust and grime can interfere with that harmony, forcing parts to work harder than they should and resulting in premature wear and tear. To prevent this, Regularly clean the components, including filters, coils and fins.

Lubrication reduces wear and tear

The motors and bearings within your AC unit require lubrication to function smoothly. Regular maintenance ensures these parts are well-oiled, reducing the likelihood of producing unruly noises.

Tightening loose components

Screws can loosen, and parts can shift from their original position over time – causing rattling or buzzing sounds. Regular checks and tightening of these parts can prevent such disturbances.

Checking refrigerant levels

Lack of refrigerant can cause your AC system to overheat or malfunction, necessitating regular maintenance to monitor levels and refill as necessary for optimal performance. Checking refrigerant levels regularly is recommended to maintain peak efficiency and ensure optimal functioning.

Inspection and repair of electrical connections

Faulty or loose electrical connections can cause your AC to malfunction, make noise and pose a potential safety hazard. Regular maintenance includes inspecting and repairing these connections.

Ensuring your thermostat works properly 

A broken or faulty thermostat can cause your AC to not cool your home properly, creating inefficiencies and funny noises. Routine maintenance includes inspecting and calibrating your thermostat, replacing its batteries and making sure it’s working properly. 

Quick and practical solutions from River Valley Air Conditioning

You don’t have to face those disruptive AC noises alone. At River Valley, we understand the inner workings of your HVAC system and can expertly implement effective solutions. Here’s how we can assist:

  1. Comprehensive inspection: The first step is to inspect your AC unit thoroughly. We examine every component – from the blower motor to the ductwork – to accurately identify the source of the HVAC banging noise.
  2. Expert repair or replacement: Whether it’s a worn-out compressor or loose parts causing the racket – we provide expert repair or replacement services. Our staff is adept at handling all kinds of AC issues to ensure your system is up and running efficiently.
  3. Regular maintenance: Prevention is everything. Through regular maintenance, we spot early signs of wear and tear and address them before they snowball into serious issues. This ensures a quieter AC unit, prolongs its lifespan and improves efficiency.
  4. Customer education: We believe in empowering our customers. After fixing an issue, we take time to explain to you why and how the issue occurred – this way, you have an increased understanding of your system! We don’t just strive to repair ACs; we strive to increase your awareness.

If you find yourself asking, “Why is my AC unit making a loud banging noise?” don’t ignore it! Get in touch with River Valley Air Conditioning Inc. We’re here to restore peace, quiet, and comfort to your home. After all, we are more than just an air conditioning service; we’re your neighbors. 

So don’t wait. Contact us now and give us a call. We’re always here to help!